30 Regulatory Affairs Manager Global Fmcg Company

Regulatory Affairs Manager - global FMCG company

​A global FMCG company with a variety of consumer and healthcare products was looking for a Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Our client was looking for a Regulatory Affair Manager with regional experience, the role was open for six months but they were unsuccessful in locating the ideal candidate.

Argyll Scott was engaged to map the market for talent who fulfils the specific requirements and fill this vacancy.

The challenge:

  • The brand was not particularly popular in the market, therefore not many candidates were interested in these opportunities

  • The role had been open for six months, most of the candidates who are open had already been covered

  • Not many candidates in Thailand had the regional experience necessary for the role

Our approach:

  • Assessed candidate’s technical skills in relation to the role

  • Sourced and screened candidates to make sure they would be a cultural fit for the team

The outcome:

Offers Accepted: Regulatory Affairs Manager

Timespan: One month

Posted over 9 years ago
About the author:
Chaim Li

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