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3 Ways to Better Your Job Search Amidst COVID-19

As a Recruitment Consultant, I have been getting a lot of questions from my network in the past two months around looking for new opportunities in the market during these unpredictable times:

  • Should I continue my job search?

  • Are all companies putting their roles on hold?

  • Should I change my job hunting approach?

Well, the answer is YES! I completely understand the fear, anxiety and myths that job seekers have shared with me as they see jobs advertisements disappearing and begin to assume the worst for their job search.

Even though the market was stronger three months ago, it was still challenging and stressful to keep up with the flow of “meaningful employment”, so I totally understand that seeking employment now is even tougher and more frustrating.

However, as a Recruitment Specialist, I would like to share some meaningful solutions and insights with you on how to advance your job searches in light of the current circumstances:

  1. Make a consistent effort

This is the time when you need to ramp-up your job search efforts. By that, I mean doubling the number of jobs you’re applying for. I know there might not be a lot of vacancies listed on the job boards but trust me, THEY ARE STILL HIRING OUT THERE! In fact, many have only slowed down their processes or put their roles on hold before reactivating them later this year. Imagine this, if other candidates are consistently applying for jobs but you are not, this will make them visible in the market while you will go unnoticed. Therefore, making the effort to actively search for jobs every day is important.

  1. Utilise different tools

With the plethora of resources and platforms out there, even the savviest job seekers would find it hard to keep up. From what I have noticed, many in Thailand are still relying on the traditional methods of applying through job boards (e.g. JobsDB, JobTopGun, etc. While it is still an effective means, I would also recommend spending some time on LinkedIn. LinkedIn does not only allow you to see jobs not visible on job boards but also gives you the opportunity to connect with leaders in the market and directly message recruiters your résumé and cover letter. Apart from that, I would also recommend sourcing and applying directly with the companies by going straight to their websites to find their current openings.

  1. Follow up on your applications

This is what many forget to do as they are afraid of pestering the Recruiters or Line Managers. For this, I recommend following up weekly on every communication or feedback by emailing or directly calling up the HR department in the company you applied to. This is a very common practice in Thailand and one that will not be considered rude as you need to compete for visibility to get the job! Also, be prepared for some positions to be on hold or “frozen”. If that is the case, do not forget to ask questions like “How long do you plan to hold or freeze your recruitment process for?”, as this would help you get a better idea on the timeline so you can follow up with the HR accordingly.

My No.1 recommendation is to keep yourself motivated and staying positive throughout the whole process. Stay active by learning and utilising every step of a job search, regardless of the role, industry, job type or job level you are targeting, as the fundamentals of getting hired have changed dramatically.

With reducing restrictions and companies returning to the office in the next few weeks in Thailand, things will hopefully have a more optimistic outlook as we begin to look at post-COVID recovery and hope for the market to bounce back quickly.

Posted over 3 years ago
About the author:
Natasha Ghoghar

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