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Updates on Thailand’s Retail & Consumer industry

​During the past few weeks there have been some positive signs in Thailand, with both the reported COVID-19 cases and economy graph flattening. The Thailand government has officially announced some additional restrictions to ease us into phase 3 which began on June 1st, as COVID-19 infections has remained low and are mainly contained to state quarantine cases. 

Things are evidently resuming back to normal, with restaurants, malls, and even gyms now back in business since 1st June 2020. However, there are still social distancing limitations to be followed. We should take this as a significant win for our country, as our past restriction rules have been proved effective.

The following are some new changes that are currently in place:

  1. New curfew hours: 11pm – 3am

  2. Fitness centres, gyms, and movie theatres resumed their business with social distancing rules enforced

  3. Spa, massage, and hair salon/extension business resumed their business.

  4. All sporting facilities re-opened (basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming pool, etc.)

  5. Schools re-opened with social distancing rules enforced

However, night clubs and bars will remain closed as they are scheduled to re-open during the next phase instead. If we continue to recover at this pace, all businesses in Thailand should be back in operation by July 2020. This is a positive note for the country and the first sign of normality in months, which hopefully also signifies the much-needed economic rebound in the near future.

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Posted over 3 years ago
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