APAC Market Update - Thailand & Vietnam Overview

“It’s Not all Doom and Gloom”

​As the economy shows signs of recovery with the return of tourism, we are seeing more movements coming from the FMCG and Retail sectors. Thai conglomerates are looking to expand as well, which is causing a ripple effect across the market. Blue chip MNC candidates are in high demand and in the past, these candidates have shown reluctance to join local companies, but we are now seeing more of these types of candidates willing to make the jump.

Technology: All year long the technical space has been an area that has really been quite busy in terms of candidate movements. Our clients are always looking for specialists in supply chain, procurement and more recently on the niche engineering and manufacturing side. Because of constant candidate movement, we are seeing a domino effect amongst our clients. The manufacturing space in Thailand seems to be quite healthy and the growth plans seem to have bounced back quite fast since COVID. This does not seem to be changing as we close out the year and our technical team are as busy as ever.

FMCG: This year, we have seen global FMCG companies who manufacture in Thailand looking for high level HR candidates with strong plant experiences. We are also seeing a trend where a lot of long-term TA specialists are now being promoted internally to more of a HRBP role, which has recently caused a demand for more TA people as well.

Emerging Trend: An exciting trend right now with large local companies, as they look to scale again, they also want to change their culture and implement a more MNC type of environment. Because of this we have seen quite a few senior HRDs move from global world-famous companies to tackle these challenges and implement these changes. No doubt with the head count planning for next year we will see the MNCs go for a more lean but highly skilled approach in their HR department whilst the local conglomerates go for a larger team scale.

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Posted about 1 year ago
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