What Is the Thrive Guide and Why Do You Need It?

​The modern workplace is transforming. It’s driving more innovation and resilience and is more committed to creating inspiring work environments than ever before. ​
But how do we ensure employees thrive and maintain top talent in our workplace?

To address this question, we sent out our Thrive Quiz to hundreds of employees worldwide - and now, we're excited to reveal our insights.

At Hydrogen and Argyll Scott, our purpose is to enable everyone to thrive in our changing world. Defining what thriving looks and feels like can be challenging, which is why we developed the Thrive Quiz in collaboration with well-being training partner Haptivate. The quiz, comprising 40 questions across 12 key drivers, provides participants with a 'Thrive Score' and practical solutions for personal development. We invited businesses across the globe to take part so that they could better understand their workforce and get tailored support for their most common challenges. Over 200 global employees have benefited so far, gaining a deeper understanding of their triggers and soothers. ​Our Thrive Guide, drawing from anonymised quiz data and created with industry expert insights, is more than a white paper; it's a practical roadmap for establishing workplaces where everyone can thrive. ​

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Are you curious about changes in the workplace that are shaking up job markets? Keep reading!

Beyond the 9-5...

Before the pandemic, workplace culture thrived on face-to-face interaction. Post-pandemic, with the worldwide adoption of hybrid working, the great challenge became balancing the desire for flexibility. Everyone understands the phrase "flexible" differently. People loved the freedom that came with remote work, suddenly having the ability to create their perfect working environment. Our Thrive Guide emphasised that organisations must define their flexibility expectations for employees and future talent, as inflexibility may lead to attrition, with AIHR reporting that 67% of workers prefer a hybrid work setup. ​

Finding purpose post-pandemic

As we know, purpose sets a precedent for an organisation's culture. A recent study by Glassdoor demonstrated that 75% of those asked would consider a company's culture before taking a job, so organisations really can‘t afford to miss the mark when it comes to showcasing their mission and values. Interestingly, however, a staggering 46% of Thrive Quiz respondents were neutral or disagreed that their organisation serves a meaningful purpose. It's clear some companies underestimate the impact of purpose on productivity, profit and customer loyalty, and need to make more effort to embed their purpose into the every day lives of employees

​The rise of strategic career development

There's a growing enthusiasm among employees for continuous learning and a need for strategic career growth provided by their employers. This shift has companies focusing on professional growth as a vital business strategy to attract and retain top talent. The People and Culture platform, Culture Amp, reports that the top two consistently emerging key influencers of global engagement are leadership and learning and development. Recognising that a third of employees prioritise professional development, business leaders must emphasise L&D as a driver for employee commitment. ​

The diversity imperative

The evolution from Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) to the more recent DEIB imperative is not surprising. Verna Myers, an expert in DEI, succinctly puts it, "Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance." However, not all organisations have caught up with DEIB, and many employees still feel the impact of workplace exclusion. In our Thrive Quiz, 1 in 5 participants strongly disagreed that they had good friends at work, and only half agreed they had sufficient opportunities to socialise with colleagues. Workplace loneliness is still prevalent. Quality social interactions with colleagues are vital for boosting employee engagement. Addressing this issue requires effective management and interventions to foster a more inclusive workplace where individuals can meaningfully contribute and thrive. ​

Thriving in 2024 ​

Unlock the key to thriving in an ever-changing world with our Thrive Guide. Dive into industry trends and discover key recommendations in our report to navigate this new talent landscape. ​

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Posted 23 days ago

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