Finding a new CFO for a multinational FMCG

The challenge:

For well over a year, this FMCG multinational had been looking for a new CFO with mixed skillsets and strong regional strategy and management experience. They had had no success despite working with multiple agencies. The company’s reputation for having a high staff turnover and a poor culture was a challenge, as was their position in the taboo alcohol sector that was putting off candidates with religious beliefs. The hire had now become critical and they needed a partner who could hit the ground running, as well as manage the local cultural side to quickly transform them into an MNC environment.

Our solution:

Firstly, we addressed the negative perceptions, proposing a new way of portraying the brand to candidates. Then we asked to see the results of the previous market mapping, which was much too short, and details of the candidates they had seen, who were clearly not the right cultural fit. We asked for an exclusive two-week window to re-map the market; reposition the brand and proposition for candidates; and control the flow of information and the full process. Once agreed, we provided a new market map of double the previous and set about educating the market on the many positives about the client and the opportunity.

The outcome:

  • We found five high-level candidates who got to the final round of interviews with one accepting an offer

  • The role had been open for 12 months and we made a placement within just two months of starting our process

  • We helped to noticeably improve the brand’s reputation in the market

  • We provided valuable insight into market conditions and how their competitors are structured in terms of teams, salaries, and functions