Market Mapping project for a multinational FMCG company

The challenge:

Our client, a multinational FMCG company, was setting up a new digital services centre in the region. They were struggling to find the right talent due to the niche skillsets required.

Additionally, they needed some consultative support to help them better understand how to structure their global, regional, and domestic teams, learning from best practice and their competitors in the industry.

Our solution:

We began by mapping all the FMCG hubs across six locations in APAC. Our dedicated research function built mini org-charts of these businesses, and uncovered the contact details of key candidates, which was shared with the client.

Two of our more experienced head-hunters qualified the candidates to uncover those who fit the specific requirements around experience, geography managed, and tenure. This included meeting, interviewing, and qualifying the right skills.

The outcome:

  • Multiple appointments were made across Cyber Security, Data Science & Analytics, Product Engineering, Project, and Programme Management

  • In addition, the hiring manager was so satisfied with the outcome that we delivered another successful map across physical security